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Memories that last a lifetime Wedding Breakfast Wedding Day After Barbeque

Imagine this.......

It's your wedding morning.

Your wedding party have either stayed the night with you or are arriving early in the morning to start the best day of your life with you.

You freshen yourself up and then enter your dining area......

The table is laid elegantly with crystal, silver, flowers, napkins, etc..... you smell coffee....

I (Nicky your host) greet you and your bridal party.

You sit for a relaxing and delicious breakfast.

Everything is cleared.

You are satisfied, relaxed (as you have probably had a glass of bubbly by now) and ready for beautifying.

Then later in the day around one and the wedding is at three, you start to feel a little peckish, you need something to settle your nerves and your bridesmaids are hungry.

 You have finger food to nibble on as you had chosen some delicious lunch to be left with, to help yourself too between hair and makeup.......................

Bridal Party’s Luncheon Wedding Hampers

Gourmet Continental Breakfast

Traditional Cooked Breakfast

Gourmet Cooked Breakfast


We can cater the food for the next day Barbeque.

We can come to the venue and drop off the food for you and your family to serve at your own leisure.

We can create a lunch menu that suits your day, to nibble on whilst you are being beautified.

We can create a delicious Hamper to suit your tastes and requirements so you don’t go hungry whilst you and your bridal party have your photos taken.

Brides Luncheon

Grooms Luncheon


Day After Barbeque

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